diploma-media artist, magister art science, diploma-art-therapist

born 21/08/1973/ 1991-1994 apprenticeship as a bookseller/ 1994-2003 jobs in bookshops/ 1996-1997 design school
1999 highschool degree/ 2000-2003 freelancer at freies radio für stuttgart/ germany (free radio for stuttgart)/ since 2002 radio shows at querfunk karlsruhe/germany 2002/2003 organisation of the lesbisch- schwulen filmtage in karlsruhe (lesbian-gay-filmfestival karlsruhe)/ internship at swr in baden-baden/germany / 2001-2006 media art studies at the karlsruhe university of arts and design/germany/ zkm mainly performance at ulay / 2004 intermediate diploma at prof. ulay und prof. michael saup
2004 internship www.medienkunstnetz.de/zkm in karlsruhe
2004/2005 workshop with lida abdul / studies at prof. mischa kuball and peter sloterdijk
2006 diploma media artist of karlsruhe university of arts and design
2006-2009 science of art and media theory studies at the karlsruhe university of arts and design/germany/ zkm mainly philosophy at prof. boris groys, peter sloterdijk/ 2009 M.A.science of art /
2006-2008 lecturer at juks karlsruhe_teaching performance/
2007-2008 lecturer at oberwaldschule in karlsruhe-durlach /
2010 introduction (private questions) to the exhibition walter jung - malerei in the studio gerhard wolfstieg in karlsruhe /
2008-2012 art therapy studies at the hochschule für kunsttherapie in nürtingen/germany/ 2012 diploma in art therapie/
2009-2011 kraftquelle kunst at the club pinguin in the zentrum für seelische gesundheit in karlsruhe /
2010 laudator at the exhibition lebensinseln in the landratsamt in karlsruhe /
2011 lecturer at volkshochschule pforzheim-enzkreis /
since 2013 author at Das beste Buch der Welt/
since 2014 lecturer at volkshochschule karlsruhe /
since 2014 lecturer at akademie schloss rotenfels
2014 author at Kunst & Therapie/
since 2014 museum communication at ZKM | Center for Art and Media
2015 lecture #WolkenGESTALTEN at ZKM | Center for Art and Media
social worker